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Remote Control Anal Plugs

photo_Hush_400400.pngButt plugs are different from dildos and rectum stimulants, can stimulate nerve receptors inside the rectum. If used correctly, they are safe. However, one must apply plenty of lubricant minimize the risk of injury or tears.

All of our remote control plugs are constructed from medical-grade silicone anal butt plug that is body-safe. You can clean them with just a splash (never hot water) or the sex toys cleaner, or mild antibacterial soap.


A majority of the sexual toys that are available are designed to solve a problem or satisfy a specific desire. Butt plugs also are available in a variety sizes, styles and materials. They can also be quite difficult to comprehend and use and it is even more difficult to choose which one is best for you.

For those who are new to butt plugs it is often advised to start with a smaller size and gradually move up to avoid uncomfortable experiences. It is also essential to ensure that the item is fully inserted into the anal canal and not just resting on the lower part of the canal as this can be extremely painful and can even cause injury to the anus.

Once a person is comfortable with the feeling and size of anal plugs they could like using them during masturbating or penetrative sexual activities for additional stimulation. Many people have found that anal plugs aid in their ability to achieve deeper levels of pleasure.

The Edge 2 by Doc Johnson comes in an attractive box that contains everything you require such as a pouch for storing it along with a power cord and a set of instructions. The toy has an impressive motor inside it and can vibrate at three different locations to provide deep, rumbling noises that can be controlled remotely or directly using the built-in remote. It is USB rechargeable and comes with a travel case.


The shape of the remote control plug will impact the way it feels and how you use it. Some have a bulbous form or flared base, which assists in keeping the plug in place when you play. Others are slimmer and are positioned closer to the body for a less noticeable feel. Some have a curved end to focus on your erogenous area.

It's fun to choose the right shape of anal plug as you explore new sensations. It is important to choose the correct size for your body. If the toy is too big, it may be difficult to insert or slip out of the way in play.

This vibrating and acoustic buttplug from Doc Johnson is a great option for people who are new to. It has 10 different vibration settings as well as a storage pouch that can also be used as a travel case. The toy is made from soft silicone anal butt plugs that is soft and safe against the anal. The unique romantic rose design on the bottom of the toy is a great addition and provides a sensual aspect to your experience.

This anal plug could also be used to stimulate the prostrate and the perineum. This allows the user to concentrate on the extremely sensitive erogenous zones that are often ignored. The toy features a climax setting which intensifies the vibrations.


When it is time to stimulate erogenous zones, remote control anal plug most people tend to focus on the big three that are the vagina labia majora, and the anus. The anus, while often overlooked, is a vital aspect of the sex toy experience and can be equally satisfying when stimulated by the right toys. Remote control glass anal plug plugs are a good option for this. They come in a variety that will satisfy your tastes and needs.

The b Vibe Trio is a powerful anal sex plug that has an array of vibration settings to satisfy even the most discerning users. The sex plug has three motors that work in tandem to create sensations of rumbly in the anal, and it is controlled by hands-free using the remote Control anal plug from up to 32 feet away. It features a flared bottom for easy inserting, and a textured top that increases pleasure.

This toy is simple to clean, it requires just a splash of water or sextoy cleansing solution, followed by a quick rinse and remote control anal plug a dry cloth that is lint-free. It comes with a bag for storage and rechargeable batteries that will keep it running for hours. It is made from ABS and medical silicone that is safe for the body. It is sleek black color. It is also non-porous and phthalate-free for easy cleansing. It is a great product to enjoy in a group or with a friend.


Remote control anal plugs have been made to be quiet, unlike other anal sex products which can be noisy and uncomfortable if properly used. This makes them an excellent choice for use in public in foreplay or when you wish to indulge in secret pleasure play without alarming anyone.

The remote-controlled anal device makes the process simple and straightforward. You just need to insert the device into your canal and apply lubrication to ensure comfort and to make the process easier. You can then use the remote control select the various modes and vibration speeds.

Anal plugs that vibrate are safe for novices, especially those who may not feel at ease exploring more intense sex toys or more intense pleasurable sensations. They can be used to introduce anal playing, which is generally not permitted or considered dirty. This can ignite a interest for areas that are often left unexplored.

If you're thinking of purchasing an anal-plug remote control, make sure you purchase one that is made from a body-safe material and doesn't contain harmful chemicals. The ideal steel anal butt plug-plug will be phthalate-free to ensure safety for your body and non-porous to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. It should also be waterproof and include a storage pouch that is big enough to hold the plug, remote and USB charger.


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